The Death of Life

Where's Scott with the update?

To all of you who favorited and are waiting patiently, I believe Scott is waiting for us to finish a big combat before he updates. In the mean time…


1-During the Masters of Evil’s attack on Avenger’s mansion in the 80’s, Cap and The Black Knight were able to free themselves, but then they had to defeat this villain…name him. 250exp

2-Godzilla once paired with this “legendary” Japanese monster to defeat Mecha-Godzilla. Name Him. 250 Exp.

3-Name Thor’s goats. 125xp each.

4-Back in the 80’s there was a game where you used little plastic circles to knock down opposing players castles. Eventually if you landed the circle on a certain place mat spot you would win the game…what was the game called? 500exp.

5-Roughly how long was I at the DMV on friday? 1000exp.


While in Time Stop, you can’t affect creatures with attacks or magic- the exception is ongoing magic like an incendiary cloud, and it only starts affecting the subject after the time stop ends. Imprisonment is an instantaneous effect, not an ongoing one. The Displacer beast should have been unaffected (unless it was cast just after the time stop ended- ready an action to do so).
Not trying to create dissent or trouble, what happened happened. Just pointing it out so y’all know next time.

Where's Scott with the update?
  1. is toothgnasher and toothgrinder, and I WANT my xp.
    #4- wizards and warlords? just a shot in the dark there
    #5- forever
Where's Scott with the update?

King Caesar
Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder
Crossbows and Catapults
1 hour

Where's Scott with the update?

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