The Death of Life

Session 7: I feel the Earth...move...over my head...

Who’s who?
The PC’s: Rhett (Scott – half fire giant paladin), Haromyre (Jim – Spirit Shaman outsider), Quizlan (Doug – Wizard Air Gensai)
The NPC’s: Azar (Rhett’s lammasu cohort), Lorful (hobgoblin paladin), Katya (newly resurrected healer)
The PC’s being played as NPC’s: Garub (John – dragon shaman)
A reminder of where we were:

Deep underground, hunting the Druid who corrupted the fruit grove we engaged in combat with several large size shambling mounds and one Titanic sized shambler. I recognize that size categories do not go up to Titanic and I’m not saying they should. I’m saying this shambling mound was the size of the Titanic.

From the last Adventure Log:

Rhett attacked the giant garbage piles’ chest, Garub, Lorful, Haromyre attacking other parts of it. Azar and Katya stayed toward the back not wanting to get involved in hand to hand.
As we proceeded to knock it down, several of us made spot checks and noticed a sigil drawn in the air. Dave will correct me – I recall it as a circle with a sword through it. Nothing noticeable happened after the sigil disappeared so we continued to concentrate on the giant pile of garbage in front of us.

We knocked it into the mud and gunk covered column which caused some of that gunk to get knocked away. We recognized what was underneath as being just like the pillars atop the castle. Those pillars sucked in the magic from the land and were extremely powerful. We assumed this one was too. We got cursed at (presumably by the Druid) and told she was just going to have to do this the hard way.

Heehhehehehehe…she said hard way.

Rhett, Haromyre, Lorful, Azar and Katya stayed focused on the giant shambling mound. Quizlan, recognizing the column as an extremely powerful magical item, decided it would be a good idea to disable it. He cast Mordenkainen’s Disjunction on it which in case you didn’t know (I didn’t) has a chance of destroying artifacts as well as leaving the caster permanently and completely void of magical ability. The rolls went Quiz’s way and the artifact was rendered inert which caused the Druid to scream just a little louder. He used a spell called Prescience which added +20 to his save vs. losing all magical ability and avoided that outcome. To say he was happy about destroying an artifact really doesn’t do it justice. I snapped this re-enactment picture of Doug’s reaction:


At about that time, a sigil appeared approximately 30 feet in the air. When it disappeared, a Slaad stood in place. The party quickly recognized that the Slaad was a larger danger than the giant shamble and turned to engage the demon. The demon did not appreciate the attention however and cast Implosion. Once per round, his target will need to make a save or implode. Nice guy, that Slaad…

His first target was Quizlan who eventually made his save. I say eventually because it was two or three weeks between buffing and fighting and Quiz (and others) had forgotten some specifics of what was cast. In any case, the Gensai was saved.

Rhett and Lorful attacked the Slaad each doing a substantial amount of damage. The Slaad responded by casting using energy admixture to cast a lightning based fireball. The lightning-ball hit our casters for a massive amount of damage. Azar would have dropped if not for remembering the mass resist energy – electricity he had buffed us with prior to the fight. Katya dropped but was brought back immediately (I forget how, I think Azar did it with Revivify. She may have had some other method though).

Haromyre then received his second wave of fire elementals – these ones were Huge sized and he directed them at the Slaad. The shambling mounds remained inert and even with True Seeing up, we could not see the Druid herself. We figured there was another caster nearby – druids don’t summon Slaad’s – but we were unable to find that caster either.

At about that time, rocks and pebbles began falling from the ceiling.

In that round, the Slaad took massive damage from the combined effort of the party. We heard it say that we were far better prepared than it was lead to believe and with that it disappeared. We presume that it was sent back to the hell from which it was summoned but we can’t prove it.
We examined the large shambling mound which remained inert. The smaller shamblers had been killed or also gone inert with Quizlan’s destruction of the artifact. Don’t ask me why we didn’t go back after the Druid who we thought was inside the artifact. For some reason, we all forgot about the artifact.

The rocks and pebbles became a steady rain of stones and small boulders. We quickly determined that the Druid had begun casting an Earthquake and intended to bury us alive. Using our various methods of teleportation we gathered up the party as well as the lone surviving worker and shot back to the surface. We let the worker go once we got up there and headed back for the safety of Abner’s tree.

While we were in Abner’s tree, Rhett asked if we could scry upon the Druid, teleport in on her and attack. Haromyre and Quiz had several reasons for not agreeing to the teleport/attack idea, most notably being if she was in the castle we might not be able to teleport back out. At this point, we assume that would be B-A-D.

At about that time, our casters got to make some spellcraft or knowledge arcane checks. They recognized WE were being scryed upon. This fact did not make Abner happy at all as his tree was supposedly hidden from all magical view. Haromyre quickly cast Screen which should have blocked the scry but didn’t. I forget exactly how we ended the scry – we may have just waited it out without discussing anything – but eventually it went away.

The heroes spent the next few hours determining their next move as the session ended.



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