The Death of Life

Session 6: Druids and Shamblers and Slaad's...OH MY!

Sorry about the time between posts. We didn’t play for a number of weeks and then we left off in mid-combat. Here is the write up for the first of two sessions we’ve played:
The Players: Rhett (Half Giant Paladin – Scott), Haromyre (Spirit Shaman – Jim T.), Garub (Dragon Shaman – John(played by Jim), Quizlan (Air Gensai Wizard – Doug)
The NPCs: Azar (Rhett’s Lammasu Cohort), Lorful (The Hobgoblin Paladin), Katya (Newly raised human cleric)

A reminder of where we are:
Katya was resurrected. After some brief introductions we explained the situation to her. The corruption, the King, our friend being held hostage. She agreed to help us defeat the King. We explained that our first step was to defeat the druid who tended the corrupted grove. She agreed.
We did some light reconnoitering and, meeting with no resistance, decided to call it a day back at Abner’s. Rhett asked Katya (twice) if she required any equipment, armor etc…She declined saying she was a powerful cleric – she didn’t need those things. Whatever you say, honey. Whatever you say…
Our day ended with the decision to rest, memorize the attack spells and go after the druid at first light tomorrow….

Morning came (hold the jokes) and we prepared to attack. Rhett stepped outside Abner’s tree and saw Katya along with a very large white unicorn. The unicorn gave Katya armor and (I think) a weapon. Rhett noted that he’d really like to have a unicorn like that. His look over at Azar reminded him just how lucky he was to have a Lammasu as a cohort.

Everyone buffed their day long spells – a task that takes Quizlan significantly longer than it does everyone else. Using our various flying methods, we took off for the large mound in the grove which housed the Druid. It was close by and early morning. We did not encounter any resistance.

We finished our initial buffs and entered the mound. Inside was a large hollow – 50 or 100 feet across – which went down about 700 feet (if memory serves). There was a spiral staircase in the center of the hollow which started at the top and ended at the bottom. All of us had flight capability so we chose not to use it.

There were two workers on the ground staring at us as we touched down at the bottom. They looked very, very scared. While we were trying to figure out why they were so scared, we started hearing a loud buzzing sound coming from the top entrance. It did not take long for us to figure out we had become the target of an insect swarm.

One of the workers took off and tried to get up the stairs before the swarm got there. He was eaten alive – a sign none of us took to be terribly promising.

The only way out was through a hall on the bottom of the hollow which had about 20’ clearance. In what had to be the most incredible coincidence ever, this hall also happened to be blocked by a Prismatic Wall. We were about to meet our very own Scylla and Charybdis as the prototypical rock and a hard place stared at us. Option A- Wade through an insect swarm. Option B – Go through a Prismatic wall. As enticing as those options sounded, we decided on a different path. The prismatic wall did not extend all the way to the end of the hall. We put our backs to it and one of the casters (Azar? Quizlan? Haromyre?) put up a Wind Wall which stopped the insect swarm from making lunch out of us along with the other worker. This stalemate wouldn’t last long though – the wind wall’s duration was in rounds. The prismatic wall blocking our path’s duration was in minutes. We had little time to spare! Wasting no time, the casters decided to teleport / dimension door all of us – along with the rescued worker – past the prismatic wall into the cavern beyond. As we appeared in the cavern we heard the swarm start hitting the prismatic wall – a D&D bug zapper. We had gotten out just in time!

The cavern was very large – probably close to 300 × 500 and a 100’ or so high ceiling. It contained seven small buildings, a boathouse and a few large piles of garbage. Additionally, there was a massive mud and gunk covered column in the middle of the cavern which stood from floor to ceiling. An extremely large pile of garbage stood in front of it.

We decided to search the small buildings first as they were closest to the entrance. The worker stayed near the entrance. Knowing we were going against a druid, we all suspected the piles of garbage would turn into shambling mounds. As we approached the first buildings, the garbage piles stayed dormant. Rhett smacked one with his greathammer but nothing happened. We searched the rest of the buildings but found nothing except some corpses killed in pretty gruesome fashion. It almost looked like the guard had turned on themselves.

Haromyre decided to push the issue of the garbage piles and cast a spell which summoned several large fire elementals. He told us that in a few rounds he’d get a few huge fire elementals and a gargantuan one several rounds after that. I love high level campaigns. He set the fire elementals to the tasks of igniting the garbage piles and burning down the buildings.

The fire elementals set upon the garbage pile and that did seemed to do the trick. All of the garbage piles in the cavern activated, four or five in all including one 60’ tall one in the center near the massive column.

We saw the gargantuan shambler in the center of the cavern come to life and made a beeline to it while the fire elementals took on the smaller shambler near the buildings. Two other shamblers became active but they were over 200 feet away in the cavern – we had some time before they’d be in the fight.

As we took a round to get there we saw a gigantic displacer beast appear – the Druid’s personal pet Displacer Beast. The ones we fought outside in the grove were large. We had heard the druid had a huge one. This one was double, triple their size. It was tremendous and it looked quite unhappy with us.

Quizlan had the high initiative and decided now was a good time for Time Stop. In my opinion, when it comes to combat there is never a bad time for Time Stop. Well, maybe an exception can be made for when you fight Demogorgon in Icewind Dale II. He ignores Time Stop and continues attacking. But I digress.

I can’t recall every spell Quizlan cast during his Time Stop but what mattered most was when he cast True Strike followed by Imprisonment on the gigantic displacer beast. See ya, big nasty! You’re stuck in time stasis in the center of the world! Have I mentioned that I LOVE high level campaigns?

We set upon the gargantuan shambling mound and determined that something about it was…different. In retrospect, we should have paid more attention to that difference but I digress again.

Rhett attacked the giant garbage piles’ chest, Garub, Lorful, Haromyre attacking other parts of it. Azar and Katya stayed toward the back not wanting to get involved in hand to hand.
As we proceeded to knock it down, several of us made spot checks and noticed a sigil drawn in the air. Dave will correct me – I recall it as a circle with a sword through it. Nothing noticeable happened after the sigil disappeared so we continued to concentrate on the giant pile of garbage in front of us.

We knocked it into the mud and gunk covered column which caused some of that gunk to get knocked away. We recognized what was underneath as being just like the pillars atop the castle. Those pillars sucked in the magic from the land and were extremely powerful. We assumed this one was too. We got cursed at (presumably by the Druid) and told she was just going to have to do this the hard way.

That was where this session ended. I’ll write / post session two sometime tomorrow or Monday.



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