The Death of Life

Session 11: The Middle of the End of the Begiining

Down goes the dragon!

The PC’s: Rhett (Scott, Half-fire giant Paladin/Troll Hunter), Haromyre (Jim, Spirit Shaman), Quizlan (Doug, Air Gensai wizard), Garub(John, Dragon Shaman)

The NPC’s: Lorful (Hobgoblin Paladin, Bailiff of the court of…someone. Quai Gon Jin? Nah. But it’s like that). Azar (Rhett’s lammasu cohort), Katya (The Risen Cleric), Remsin (Halfling fighter), Howster (Halfling Cleric), Abner (Necromancer)


We recalled that the Daurkine were small animals taken care of by a ranger of that name who gained the ability to speak due to proximity to a tremendous magical gem. We quickly decided this could not be coincidental. If the dragon was headed to the Daurkine to get the gem, it must want the gem. We decided to get the gem, bring it back to the Stream and lure the dragon into our trap.

Quizlan and Haromyre had run out of teleports. Abner agreed to teleport the casters along with
Katya and the foursome quickly teleported back to the Daurkine. The cleric, a friend of the animals, explained the situation and our need for the gem. Reluctantly, the animals agreed to our plan.

The gem is tremendous and turned out to be much too big to be teleported back. Quizlan and Haromyre turned back into massive Silver dragons and both carried the gem, making a wide circle around the approaching energy dragon, back toward the Stream.

We ended the session as they returned to the destroyed docks and castle with the gem – and an energy dragon some 10 minutes behind them…

Standing near the Daurkine gem caused the regeneration of spells at a rate of one per minute starting at the highest level of spell and working backwards which I figured out about three seconds before everyone else, netting me a tasty 500 EXP bonus. Our mages and clerics began getting their big gun spells back which was good because the Energy Dragon was about to arrive and it was pretty mad at us.

We had figured out that the best way to beat this dragon was to submerge it in the water of the Stream. I forget exactly how we recognized this fact but we did. We submerged the gem in the water in an effort to lure the dragon under the waves. Rhett, Lorful, Azar, Katya and the haflings spread out near the dock. Many buffs were cast including Fell the Greatest Foe by Lorful (+4d6 damage per hit), Speed of Hermes (by Howster, which multiplied our movement by 6) and others that I can’t remember anymore. Haromyre and Quizlan waited under water in Silver dragon form. As the dragon approached, Haromyre created a water monolith under the waves.

The dragon came in range and targeted Rhett with a breath weapon as it approached. As the breath weapon is a massively wide attack, Azar was also hit with it. Rhett failed his save but lived. Azar failed his save and died. Lammasu’s are not meant for combat, a fact I think I’ve finally learned. The dragon landed at the destroyed dock, poking his nose around. He sensed the gem but was fearful of the water. The melee characters began attacking the energy dragon. Contained in its insides we could actually see the dragon’s skull, complete with Duulrams staff fused to it. We focused our attacks on that area. The dragon attacked Rhett again knocking the half giant to single digit hit points.

Haromyre launched a Tsunami at the dragon, hoping to drown it in Stream water. The waves crashed over the beast, injuring it but not permanently. The water monolith hit it with a torrent of stream water causing further damage. Then Quizlan then hit it with a Mordenkainen’s Disjunction, one of the spells he had regained thanks to the Daurkine gem. Several things happened at this point:

1) A couple of layers of energy were ripped off the creature, weakening it severely.

2) Duulrams staff, being an artifact, was nullified by the spell. For the second time in a single day, Quizlan nullified an artifact. The staff was rendered inert. We assumed that this, in a word, would be bad. We are not sure what that means to Duulram, or to us, but we needed to take that chance in order to live through this fight.

3) Doug recognized, and revels in, the fact that Quizlan has nullified two artifacts in one day. He has taken to reminding us of this fact whenever the opportunity presents itself

The dragon, though weakened, struck back. Still fearful to enter the water, it turned its attention to Lorful and killed the Hobgoblin in one round. Lorful proceeded to explode in a shower of “Good” damage which healed those nearby and further injured the dragon. At about this point Remsin, the Halfling fighter, also died.

The melee characters had hit the dragon for hundreds, thousands maybe, points of damage but it was obvious that was not going to kill this monster. We knew the way to kill the dragon – it needed to be dragged down. The shape-changed wizards, along with the water monolith, both grappled the energy dragon and began pulling it under. After several rounds of give and take, the Stream water did what we hoped and “shorted out” the energy dragon. We had won.

Or had we?

While we were “celebrating” we recognized that the dragon skull was not the “true” dragon skull. The energy dragon had been defeated but somehow, the skull (which we assume is essentially the dragon’s phylactery) had fled. We saw it enter the cave where the Stream poured into all other planes and planets and then it disappeared. Somehow, it got away from us. The corrupted dragon had escaped….



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