The Death of Life

Pauly Alarm

Apparently Pete has decided to invoke the Pauly alarm. For those of you who don’t know, one of my oldest friends Paul used to play DnD with us. We had a knack for knowing each other so well that he could always figure out if there was a mole or similar type of infiltrator in the group. He used this ability to great success atleast twice, the third time he started raising the alarm I decided it was getting old hat with that particular story point and made the suspect a good guy. (It was Llane)
Pauly fired back at me by getting a girlfriend and never playing DnD with us again.
Although he did try to come back about five years ago, three kids kind of made that hard.
I miss Paul in DnD.


UPDATE MOFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pauly Alarm

Paul still hasn’t come back?

Pauly Alarm

still no update???? we did play again GUY!

Pauly Alarm

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