The Death of Life

Other side

Matros hadn’t wanted to be involved. If not for a love he once shared with the druid Karisen he never even would’ve endeavored to help her with her enemies. But help he did, and they had failed to defeat them. Now he stood upon the boat platform, a rear, private entrance at the Calyguran Castle used mostly for the shipping and receiving of goods.

His thoughts were slow to gather, a very hard feat for one with the intelligence and background of Matros Poujamy. He looked upon Karisen, she sat legs crossed on the platform ringing her hair of sweat and staring into the floor. She was not the same. Her skin was dull now, no longer tipped with the green flare it had once had. Thh corruption that had taken her now bleached her brown and sprouted at points with tiny roots, in some cases roots that would wrap about her arms, waist and legs. When she pulled her hair back a bit of root and grass emerged from behind her ears and wrapped around the bulk of her hair making a pony tail. It did well to show off her face, a once sleek beauty, pointed and sharp. But now it was blotchy and brown, and he had no idea how he convinced himself to bring his power to her aide. The once fierce beauty who had fought hard against interlopers to her home sat before him changed by something she worshipped, or more to the point charmed and taken by it. Charmed and changed and no longer who he thought she once was.

Matros took short steps in his pacing. Back and forth he played out the situation involving her and what he must do. He had helped her without telling anyone he was going to on the hopes they could be quick about it. Now he had to travel back to his home and inform his liege of his intevention and failure…a trip he did not look forward to.



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