The Death of Life

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Arrows rained down in the hundreds.
The continuing barrage from the elves of the high forest battered old shields, punctured dead flesh and broke the dark turned bone of Kavuul’s dead army. The Minotaur Kavuul was at great odds and he only had a mind to flee so that it could find the time to think and understand how it had come to be in this situation. Mere months ago his worshippers had raised him from the dead, mummified yet still possessing of the power he knew previous to his undeath. Once he was clear of the fields of wheat where he found himself working for the elves… The thought was too much to finish. How had it come to be?
The arrows of the elven force continued to rain down. He had been struck several times, many of the arrows had known no real purchase with his current incarnation of being, but some gave him a pain born of purity. His undeath did not take kindly to that. Amongst the fields he and his lieutenants had regained themselves and set to the task of freeing themselves from this most un-expected situation. His lieutenants were still dressed in their grey cloaks, belted in brass and Iron at the waist. Their clothing was the only thing that kept their shade form in place during the day.
Kavuul had reached out with his mind. The sense had still been about him. For years the elves had been at war with things that wished to do them harm, it was not a stretch to believe some had died here. Kavuul had reached out, and shortly thereafter old bones of the elves and other things started to break up and out of the ground to call him master. The living elves in the fields had fled. Very shortly after Kavuul’s lieutenants spied riders on the rim of the forest. Things moved faster than he would have liked, but he just needed time to bring himself to another place. Every second brought back the memory of the spell that would enable him to do that.
More arrows came, and this time Kavuul felt the burn horribly as one punched through just below his withered heart. As well, one of his lieutenants fell pierced in more places than he could count. The shade hissed as it dispersed, leaving nothing but its cloak and belt. Another floated in and took the items. Kavuul directed the bones at his disposal to attack the tree line and not stop until broken. He knew it was less than nothing to send against the might of the forest, but he just needed a moment. That moment was getting harder to find with an arrow bathed in holy flame stuck in his chest.
As they moved they finally spied a small wooded structure at the end of the field. Most likely it was for the tools used to work the fields, but at the moment it would due for cover. One of Kavuul’s shades bowled the door down, arrows hissing past him and striking into the building. Inside he saw a male elf scrambling to get out from under the door. Two others, male and female were trying to escape through an open window. As Kavuul entered the building his lieutenant was draining the life essence of the male elf at the window as the female watched on helplessly petrified with fear. Kavuul stomped down on the door, crushing the elf under it. Blood splatter was everywhere, so strong was Kavuul in undeath as well as he was in life. He then reached for the female and did much the same his lieutenant had done to the male. With her firmly in his hands he drew forth her essence of life and dropped a withering husk to the ground. The arrow slid free of the wound and Kavuul’s mind became sharp once more. The elf’s life essence had been all he needed.
The last three of his four remaining lieutenants came through the door and looked to him. He knew their minds once again and could tell they thought to make this a last stand, but he assured them they were leaving. His mouth moved and words in the tones of the dark and craven came forth. The magic started to make them disappear from the tool house. As they started to wink out he saw one of his lieutenants get burned through with the arrows of the righteous and it hissed until its shade popped. Kavuul could not stop the casting to help it, and had no intention of doing so. Shortly after the shade burst they were gone.


I told them he needed to die! When will they listen to me!!

Back at home...

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